Meet Samantha Calhoun

Director of Human Resources at EWN

“I love BambooHR Time Tracking because it saves time for me to be able to do other things.”

— Samantha Calhoun

The Results

Easy Reports: Reports that used to take two days to put together are now available in only two hours.

Faster Turnaround: The time it takes to input and update time tracking information has been cut by 50 percent.

Everyone is Onboard: 100 percent of the managers and employees are onboard with using BambooHR Time Tracking.

“I wish everyone knew BambooHR Time Tracking existed,” says Samantha. “Everyone at EWN involved in the time tracking process is very happy with BambooHR Time Tracking software.”

The Challenge

With all her time being eaten up by lengthy reports, manually entering data, and an unorganized recruiting system, Samantha Calhoun, Director of Human Resources at ENERGY worldnet (EWN), didn’t have time to be the strategic partner she wanted to be at her company. And with over 20 years spent in the HR industry, it certainly wasn’t due to a lack of experience.

Time tracking was a particularly painful experience—not only for Samantha, but for the accounting department and the rest of the employees and managers as well. “It was like pulling teeth to get employees to do their time sheets, have the managers approve them, and get them to payroll,” says Samantha. And doing everything on paper did more than eat up a lot of company time—it left significant room for error as papers passed from person to person. Samantha knew this system wasn’t going to work long-term, so she started looking for an HRIS solution to automate this process. That’s when she found BambooHR.

“I love BambooHR Time Tracking because it saves time for me to be able to do other things. It allows me to be more accurate on our time sheets, and since time sheets for hourly employees are done automatically, we don’t have to go back and correct anything.”

The Solution

Samantha needed to automate HR tasks like time tracking that were keeping her away from the company initiatives she was truly passionate about. When she looked into BambooHR, she knew instantly that it was the solution to EWN’s problem. “It has made my life so much easier,” says Samantha.

Automated: “I don’t have to spend time tracking everybody’s leave or answering everybody's questions, because it’s automated. That allows me to be a strategic business partner and to start looking at things proactively instead of reactively.”

Improved Culture: “A lot of employees and managers had a negative outlook on completing time sheets. It was not a pleasant experience on either side. Since going with TRAX and BambooHR, the employees now feel that it’s not a negative experience. It’s just a lot easier. I think the culture around that shifted from something that’s negative and not as easy, to so easy and efficient that it’s just something they do.”

Available On the Go: “Managers are very happy with BambooHR. They are very happy with the way time sheets are because they don’t have to be in the office. They can use [BambooHR Time Tracking] from anywhere on the mobile app. It’s very easy and helpful.”

Flexible: “My favorite thing is that employees can enter their time day-by-day or at the end of the week. We don’t have them punch in and out every day, but if we grow or have an issue and need to change, we can switch to a clock-in system at the click of a button.”

Accurate: “Before, employees were completing a time sheet, and then the manager would touch it, and then it would come to me, and I would have to manually submit the information to accounting in an email, and then they would have to manually input the information into the system. That’s a lot of room for error. With BambooHR Time Tracking, everything is automatically updated.”

About EWN

EWN provides training, evaluations, record management, and consulting services to the energy industry. To eliminate busywork, EWN uses BambooHR®️ Time Tracking.




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