Meet Sarah Norwood

Human Resources Support Specialist at Fulkrum

“Employee Community has really opened a lot of doors. It's completely changed the kind of engagement we have globally and really made some massive changes for us. For employee engagement, it’s been fantastic.”

— Sarah Norwood

By the Numbers

Over 360 announcements posted

+27,500 post views

+1,600 post likes

+2,000 post comments

45 groups created to help engage employees

The Challenge

With offices spread over 5 continents and no internal communication system, Fulkrum’s employees and HR department had a hard time feeling connected to their coworkers.

No Central Employee Communication System
“Sadly, we didn't have any internal communication other than email. Before BambooHR, everything was done by email, through SharePoint, or through letters. Employee Community has revolutionized everything, really.”

One-Way Communication Rather than Discussion
“You can't get feedback from announcements. You don't get anything from one other than putting an announcement out. I was thinking, can we have a like button? Can we have some way that people can respond to those messages?”

Dispersed Employees Had No Way to Make Personal Connections
“Quite frequently, someone would need to send an email to another employee, and they would be literally trying to tell you who they were because they didn't know people from other offices. There wasn’t any recognition as to who they were, what they did, or anything like that. To me, that was quite sad. I was thinking it shouldn't be like this.”

With Growth on the Horizon, Employee Relationships Need to Keep Up

“Next year, Fulkrum is going to see a lot of growth. So as an HR team, we want to make sure our new people feel very welcome, know everybody, and develop relationships with people in other regions. It shouldn't be that the only people you know are other people in your office.”

The Solution

BambooHR gives Fulkrum the tools they need to build relationships and improve their culture.

A Simpler News Platform Reduces HR’s Workload
“I don't need to do a newsletter now because we can regularly announce important news in the Employee Community, like any new contracts or awards we’ve won. Pictures, words, links—we can put all those things online. And now we get engagement back from people because we’re putting news where people can respond to it.”

Celebrating Employees Helps Everyone Feel Appreciated
“I put out an announcement every time it's somebody's birthday! We just had one in Kuala Lumpur, and after seeing the announcement, they had a cake and celebration. Some people even respond with videos of them singing Happy Birthday and send lovely messages. And I’m able to get all of those scheduled, so nobody gets missed over the Christmas periods and holidays.”

Cross-Office Communication Means Processes Run Smoother
“Employees do very similar things across offices, but they're all working from the ground up unless they can communicate with each other. They need to be able to talk and build relationships with people across the world as much as they do with their own office.”

Mentorships and Buddies Form Across Continents
“The idea is that in each office you should have a mentor. But because we’re a global company, employees may need to buddy up with somebody in another region and develop relationships and engagement with other offices. I encourage new people coming into the business to use Employee Community as a buddy system. For brand new people coming in, they can get to know more than the people in their office. They might get to be a buddy of somebody over in Houston or England.”

“Read” Receipts and Comments Show Who’s Engaging with What
“There are some work instructions and new procedures that are being put out that get changed or modified. So we might put that through Employee Community, so we can get confirmation that people have actually read it as instructed. It works great for audits. When leadership wants to know who’s completed what, we have the evidence.”

Employees Connect with Each Other—No Matter Where They Work

“In Employee Community, it's really nice employees aren’t just a little teeny, tiny picture. But now, there are words on the screen, and that person said that they like this or that person said ‘Thank you’ to another person for helping them out with some work because it was out of their hours, but somebody else supported them from another region.”

About Fulkrum

Fulkrum has been providing inspection, expediting, technical staffing, and specialist QA/QC personnel to the energy industry since 2011. With offices around the world, they give their clients around-the-clock coverage across all the major continents. Fulkrum's technical personnel are carefully selected based on their qualifications, experience, personality, and competencies, ensuring that they not only meet technical requirements but also represent Fulkrum and their clients professionally on and off the job site.




UK (London, Corby, and Aberdeen), USA (Houston), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), KSA (Al Khobar), UAE (Abu Dhabi), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Mozambique (Maputo), Guyana, Italy, India, Singapore, Australia, and Qatar

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