Rusty Lindquist - Think Like a Business. Act Like a Business. Win Like a Business

SHRM National 2018
Mega Session
10:45 AM
S406/Vista Ballroom
There's a business language barrier separating HR from executives. More importantly, there's an operating approach that most “business departments” embrace that isn't modeled in HR. These disparities are holding you back at a critical time when our organizations need to focus on people and culture to create value at speed. It's time to reinvent our approach to HR, using a framework the rest of the business accepted long ago: the business model canvas. You will learn: About major themes changing the way businesses need to operate such as competitive abundance, value entropy, and differentiation decay. How to advocate for high-impact HR and have a rock-solid argument on why organizations today need to focus on people and culture to create value at speed. How to justify your seat at the table by getting the principles, the language, and an operating approach that will demonstrate the impact HR has on your business. How to think, act, win (and speak) like the rest of the business and how to use that canvas to reinvent your approach to HR, your approach to seeking budget, and your approach to architecting your initiatives.
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