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Taylor Tanday
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You’re only as good as the people you hire.

Building a successful business starts with the right people. And those who know how to find, hire, and keep top-tier employees? They’re HR superstars—priceless strategic partners any executive team would love to have on board.

You have the talent. You just need the tools.

The BambooHR® Applicant Tracking System gives you everything you need to shine as a hiring hero and an irreplaceable asset, including features specifically designed to resolve the #1 complaint about prospective employers: lack of communication.

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Keep candidates engaged from the first touch.

When your hiring process includes BambooHR, you can count on improved communication throughout the process:

  • Auto confirmation emails inform candidates instantly that you’ve received their application and will be following up soon.

  • Auto rejection emails prevent the uncertainty that can lead to awkward confrontations and poor feedback.

  • Offer letter templates help eliminate the delay between decision and action.

  • Custom messaging lets hiring managers send personalized emails to multiple candidates to ask questions or deliver updates without form letters.

  • A single source for applicant information & collaboration makes it easy to share notes and compare candidates with input from every member of the hiring team.

  • Automated notifications keep the hiring process moving forward to prevent delays.

  • Permission levels let you invite team members to participate while keeping sensitive information hidden.

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