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Zak Coon
Head of People
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Give the people what they want.

Most HR pros would rather wrestle a wild boar than create reports using spreadsheet data and multiple file systems. So it’s no wonder that in a recent survey, nearly a third of executives said they wish they had more HR reporting to inform their business decisions. But what if all your data was in one system, and that same system could create hundreds of presentation-ready reports with a few clicks? Sounds like BambooHR has entered the chat.

Get what you need to succeed.

When you understand what your data is telling you, you can start drawing a strategic roadmap—that’s the power of HR analytics. But when you can show what you know to everyone that matters, you’ll get the budget, buy-in, and bandwidth you need to make your plan a reality. That’s the power of reporting with BambooHR, and it can change everything.

Easy, delightful, insightful reporting.

When you manage your employee data with BambooHR, you become an analytical wizard automatically, without cracking open a single spellbook:

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Integrated Reporting

  • Auto confirmation emails inform candidates instantly that you’ve received their application and will be following up soon.

  • Auto rejection emails prevent the uncertainty that can lead to awkward confrontations and poor feedback.

  • Offer letter templates help eliminate the delay between decision and action.

  • Custom messaging lets hiring managers send personalized emails to multiple candidates to ask questions or deliver updates without form letters.

Internal Hiring Hub

  • A single source for applicant information and collaboration makes it easy to share notes and compare candidates with input from every member of the hiring team.

  • Automated notifications keep the hiring process moving forward to prevent delays.

  • Permission levels let you invite team members to participate while keeping sensitive information hidden.