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You can't clone yourself (yet).

BambooHR is the next best thing.

Your small business is a hive of activity. From finding and hiring new people to supporting existing employees, making sure you’re compliant, and serving customers, no task is unimportant. If you want to maintain, thrive, and grow from small to something bigger, you need to multiply your efforts without adding more to your plate.

All-in-one software means oodles of features and a single source of data.

Whether you’re using paper, spreadsheets, or a mash-up of multiple apps and programs, it’s a hassle entering information over and over again, not to mention the security issues involved. BambooHR keeps everything safe and accessible from wherever you operate while giving you every tool you need to succeed.

What does BambooHR offer?

  • Applicant tracking

  • Onboarding

  • Employee engagement

  • Payroll

  • Time tracking

  • Performance management

  • And 90+ app integrations in our Partner Marketplace

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Automation lets you pack a bigger punch.

BambooHR can streamline critical HR tasks, saving priceless hours while eliminating paperwork and that panicked feeling you get when you realize you forgot something time-sensitive. Here are just a few of the processes BambooHR can automate in part or in full:

  • Recruiting: Keep everyone in the loop and on the ball with automatic alerts and in-system messaging.

  • Hiring: Snag top candidates quickly with one-click job board posting and customizable offer letter templates that auto-populate candidate info.

  • Time-off management: Empower employees and managers with self-service access to PTO requests, balances, and approvals, all with automated reminders.

  • Analytics: Instantly generate any of our over 30 standard reports to dig deeper into your data.

Electronic signatures save time, trees, and your sanity.

Whether it’s for new hires or current employees, it can feel like there’s always a stack of paperwork to sign, submit, and then keep on file. But with e-signatures in BambooHR, you don’t have to chase anyone down. You send them the forms digitally, they sign with a few clicks, and you get them back in an instant—along with secure cloud-based storage for everything. BambooHR even takes care of the reminder emails, too.

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