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Glossary of Human Resources Management and Employee Benefit Terms

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W-5 Form

What Is a W-5 Tax Form?

The W-5 form, or Earned Income Credit Advance Payment Certificate, was a form submitted by an employee in order to receive a portion of the Earned Income Credit (EIC) in advance with their pay. The W-5 form has not been used since 2010, which was the last year the Earned Income Credit could be received prior to filing a 1040.

The Earned Income Credit reduces the tax liability of working people with low to moderate income. In some cases, those who qualify for the EIC may receive a refund even without owing any income tax. 

W-5 Form Definition

IRS tax form W-5 is an obsolete form last used in 2010 that allowed a qualified employee to receive an advance on their Earned Income Credit. At this time, an individual can only receive the EIC after filing their taxes. 

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