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Every investment in your company has to deliver on multiple levels, and HR software is no different. Get the data insights and information security you need to grow in an all-in-one HR platform employees and administrators love to use.

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Invest in your people and secure your business with BambooHR.

Empower more efficient, effective, and accurate HR.

Automate critical HR tasks, consolidate your data, and give employees intuitive self-service tools to keep their information current.

Strengthen company culture and boost employee engagement.

Give employees a voice, make organizational changes that matter, and create the shared purpose that drives success.

Protect your data and the future of your business.

Keep your people data private and your business compliant with industry benchmark security protocols and digital documentation at every stage of employment.

Simplify your HR systems and processes.

Ditch unresponsive vendors, legacy systems, and complex workflows for an easy-to-use, all-in-one HR platform.

Don’t underestimate the value of strategic HR.

It starts with choosing the right people platform.

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Make your HR team more efficient and productive.

If you’re not leveraging the business value of HR, you’re doing it all wrong. Traditional HR processes suck away time and money and return the bare minimum. BambooHR streamlines tasks that take days to do by hand, keeps your data safe and secure, and delivers insights that give you a competitive edge.

Product Highlights:

  • Workflows and approvals
  • Instant standard and custom reporting
  • Employee self-service for consistent updates
  • Document storage and e-signatures

Invest in your people to boost your bottom line.

Employee experience is the foundation for an irresistible employer brand. BambooHR gives you the tools to understand and help your people thrive, and the building blocks to craft a workplace that attracts and keeps the best talent. Plus, customers who switch to BambooHR report saving at least 15 hours a week—that’s up to $27k in operational costs per year! (Source: BambooHR research).

Product Highlights:

  • Employee Satisfaction with eNPS®*
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • 360 feedback and Impromptu Assessments
  • Collaborative goals

Stop gathering information and start using it to your advantage.

Every employee file, every candidate interaction, and every performance evaluation hides critical data that speaks to how you’re doing today, how you’ve done before, and what you should be doing now to future-proof your business and increase your performance. Traditional HR can’t reveal it without days of preparation. BambooHR can show you in seconds.

Product Highlights:

  • Employee turnover and headcount analysis
  • Candidate funnel details for new hires
  • Payroll data changes and summaries
  • Company performance and growth metrics

Solve your data security issue once and for all.

Managing HR data in spreadsheets and separate systems is like juggling sharks—eventually, you get bitten. Instead of waking up to a call from IT, why not sleep easy knowing your business is compliant and your employees’ sensitive data is accurate, up-to-date, and backed up securely in the cloud?

Product Highlights:

  • Single source of data
  • Industry benchmark security measures
  • Automated reminders and training checklists
  • Digital documentation and e-signatures

“BambooHR has really transformed our work and our ability to accomplish our mission, especially during one of the hardest times our organization’s ever faced.”

Skyler Badenoch | CEO | Hope for Haiti

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The right HR software creates better business outcomes.

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