Unlock the potential of your hybrid team.

Bring your HR processes up to speed, so you can create a productive workplace suited to the modern workforce and ready to serve today’s clients.

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Leave time-wasting processes behind.

Automate your manual tasks, empower your people with mobile and self-service access, and discover days’ worth of saved time.

Unlock your team’s potential.

Our performance and employee experience tools bring your talent development strategy to life—and improve retention to boot.

Hire at the speed of life.

See what an award-winning applicant tracking system and automated onboarding can do for blowing away your candidates and new hires.

Customize your HR experience.

BambooHR customization and integrations let you bring your HR functions back in-house to create an experience that’s just right for your team.

Check off all your HR to-do lists from a single HR platform.

Life is easier with common-sense workflows.

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Invest in employee success with BambooHR.

Secure, accurate data, streamlined HR processes, and a better employee experience—that’s the kind of asset performance that’ll put a smile on everyone’s face. Let go of time-consuming, unsafe manual processes, and graduate to award-winning HR software full of powerful features:

  • A central source of data
  • Customizable approval processes and workflows with automated reminders
  • 40+ instant, shareable reports
  • Employee satisfaction survey with eNPS®
  • Employee self-service
  • And more!

Keep all your data safe in a single place.

You have high standards for your customers’ data security. With enterprise-level security in BambooHR, you can be confident those same high standards apply for candidate and employee data. We’ll keep your data safe with:

  • A centralized database: Keep employment, benefit, and compensation data secure and accessible.
  • Native multi-factor authentication (free for all BambooHR customers): Protect sensitive people data at no additional cost.
  • Employee self-service and mobile access: Give employees access to easily keep personal details accurate.
  • E-signatures: Record employee consent or acknowledgement without the need for scanning or double-entry.
  • Document and file management: Keep important employee and company documents secure with the option to share or lock access to especially sensitive documents.

Good things come in easy-to-use, award-winning packages.

See how BambooHR helps you support your people and your organization.

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Miedema Asset Management Group

“We do engagement surveys for all of our new hires, and we’ve maintained a 98.9% satisfaction rate for our onboarding processes. Our employees are very happy with how efficient everything is as well as the information that they get to help them move into their new roles.”

Lisa zimmerman, hr manager

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Stay compliant with customizable data tracking.

BambooHR makes it possible to customize your employee database, so you can track anything from accounting certifications to t-shirt size. Instead of keeping these extra details on a separate spreadsheet, you can store them alongside other employee data you’re already collecting.

Attract, impress, and win over great people.

A faster, more modern hiring and onboarding experience can help you keep up with the financial sector’s drive to digitization and make a lasting good impression on a competitive talent pool. BambooHR helps you provide a seamless, noteworthy experience.

  • Recruit quickly with the Applicant Tracking System. With a few clicks, you can post openings on Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter, and share on social media sites. Customizable offer letter templates help you seal the deal efficiently and professionally.
  • Keep hiring moving smoothly with the Hiring app. The app puts the speed and power of the ATS in HR’s pocket, making it easier to communicate with candidates, team members, and hiring managers from anywhere.
  • Make better first impressions with Onboarding. Customizable new hire packets with e-signatures get new hires ready and rolling before their first day, so they can focus on making connections.

Refine your employees’ experience with actionable feedback.

Like work flexibility, employee well-being is becoming an increasing priority in the workplace as organizations try to build cultures that attract and retain talent. Financial organizations need to listen to employees to find out which efforts are working and what’s standing in the way of company growth. BambooHR® Employee Satisfaction with eNPS gets right to the heart of the matter with a brief, anonymous survey that collects an eNPS rating from each employee with a follow-up question inviting elaboration. Here’s the bottom line:

  • For employees: With just two questions and assured anonymity, it’s simple to fill out and comfortable to give candid answers.
  • For you: With smart analytics and built-in tools to fine-tune data, your organization’s strengths and weaknesses are easy to read and track as you build a better employee experience.

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Give employees more opportunities to grow.

Your employees have worked hard to get the education and expertise necessary to make it in finance. Keep them engaged with new opportunities to learn and grow their strengths. BambooHR® Performance Management kicks inefficient and infrequent annual reviews to the curb with:

  • Shorter, more frequent manager and self assessments
  • Collaborative goal setting for continuous improvement
  • Peer reviews to get a more complete picture
  • Automated reminders to keep everyone on task
  • Performance reporting for employees, departments, and the whole organization