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High-efficiency HR for your small business.

BambooHR offers HR automation and best-in-class support to make your small business more efficient and effective on a budget.

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Modernize your entire approach to HR.

Manual processes are holding your business back. Smart automation and a central database help HR do more with less.

All of the growing gains with none of the hiring pains.

Hiring and onboarding new people in BambooHR will have you wondering why anyone would do it any other way.

The support you need to grow and thrive.

We don’t just want to grow with you—we make growth possible. All while giving you award-winning customer support at every stage.

Your HRIS is better with payroll. It just is.

In BambooHR, data works harmoniously to create smooth-as-silk payroll runs every time—in less time.

Get a feel for how business with BambooHR is better.

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Manual HR processes gumming up the works?

When you’re an HR team of one, there’s nothing worse than being held back by your own processes, especially when you can clearly see the impact you could be having on your company. Just imagine:

  • One secure source of employee data
  • Smoother workflows and approvals
  • Reporting right at your fingertips
  • Time-saving e-signatures
  • Document storage and more

“The transition from being a candidate to becoming an employee is essential for retention, [and] BambooHR supports a smooth, professional, and entertaining onboarding—a process that contributes decisively to the welcome culture and identification of new employees.”

Anne Seebach | Head of People & Culture | Architrave | 26–100 Employees

Growing fast? Hire at higher speed with BambooHR.

Don’t let your HR system be the weak link in your growth plan. Get a system that can keep up with you—and that delivers a great candidate experience.

  • Automated job board postings
  • Intuitive applicant tracking and candidate pools
  • Streamlined candidate communication and hiring team collaboration
  • Customizable preboarding packets
  • Expertly efficient onboarding features

Gain a support system you can rely on.

While our HR software helps you optimize and support your workforce at every stage of growth, our Customer Support Heroes also provide the same award-winning level of care no matter the size of your business. We’re with you every step of the way.

  • Free learning courses and educational webinars
  • Product Pulse product update video series and archive
  • Customer Support available through email, phone, and chat

Yes, you can also have seamless payroll runs.

When everything from time-tracking and PTO management to benefits and payroll lives inside BambooHR, you put separate-system nightmares to bed forever. With our fully powered and integrated platform, you get:

  • Faster, more accurate payroll runs
  • Smarter, smoother workflows
  • A more intuitive compensation experience

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