Aclaimant is a resolution performance system designed to help companies see risk more clearly and do something about it. Our unique workflow tools streamline every phase of risk management including workplace safety, incident and claims management into an easy to use system. The Aclaimant/BambooHR integration allows for your employee information to seamless flow through to your incident management tool, allowing for reduced data entry, higher data quality, and easier navigation through complex incident and claims management and filing processes!

Claims Management

Streamline claims submission and management processes, including creating any required documentation and follow-ups in a single system.

Incident Management

Automate incident management processes to mitigate risk in real-time while reducing paperwork from the field to the home office.

Workplace Safety

Instantly create a digital and connected safety experience to capture actionable data from any internet-enabled device.


Proactively manage and monitor workplace risks and exposures through real-time analytics dashboards.


How it works.

The integration between Aclaimant and BambooHR allows for seamless flow of information between our two systems. In the creation or reporting of a new incident, Aclaimant allows for the lookup of employee information from a user search/directory and, once selected, will seamlessly pull over relevant information into the Aclaimant system to allow for quick and easy completion of required regulatory, legal, and internal forms.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field
Sync Direction
Aclaimant Field
First Name
Pertinent Person First Name
Last Name
Pertinent Person Last Name
Work Phone + Extension
Pertinent Person Phone Number
Work Email
Pertinent Person Email
Employee #
Pertinent Person External User ID
Job Title
Pertinent Person Job Title
Hire Date
Pertinent Person Date of Hire
Date of Birth
Pertinent Person Date of Birth
Pertinent Person Address
Pertinent Person Gender
Pertinent Person HRIS ID



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