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Connect with our system to run background checks through BambooHR within minutes.

Customizable Screening Solutions

We offer a suite of screening products that empower you to customize background check packages for any position.

Win Top Performers

Our transparent flow, strong support team and quick turnaround time encourage top candidates to choose you.

No Limits

Whether you run 8 or 80,000 background checks annually, we provide fast results.


Candidates authorize compliance documents as they go through a secure flow. To demonstrate our commitment to security, we voluntarily undergo an annual Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 audit.

Compliance And Accreditation.

Backgrounds Online is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA – formerly the NAPBS). Each member of our team earns their FCRA Certification.

International Screening

If you have an office in the US and hire globally, we can facilitate background checks on candidates throughout the world.

US-Based Service

Backgrounds Online is a service-first company in the United States. We do not outsource any client communication. Contact us directly via email, phone or IM for unparalleled support.


How it works.

After a quick and simple setup process to connect your Backgrounds Online account to BambooHR, users may initiate background check requests by simply updating the status of a candidate via BambooHR’s Hiring tab.

Once initiated, Backgrounds Online facilitates acquiring the necessary compliance documents and information from the candidate then performs the background check based on the user’s desired, customizable screening package. Results notifications are then updated directly within BambooHR and the user is notified via email. Results are viewable by logging into their Backgrounds Online account.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field
Sync Direction
Backgrounds Online Field
Field Logic or Notes
Applicant First Name
First Name
Applicant Last Name
Last Name
Applicant Email
Email Address
Each applicant must have a unique email.
Applicant Status
Background Check Status


Backgrounds Online

Updated: 07/09/2019

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