Breezy streamlines your recruiting process, so your team can focus on hiring better candidates, faster.

Breezy gives you more time to connect with great candidates by cutting out manual tasks like job posts, advertising, interview scheduling, and follow-ups. We include all the tools your team needs to hire more efficiently, from an Employee Referral portal, to real-time collaboration and structured feedback, to a painless integration with BambooHR. With Breezy, you’ll be making more awesome hiring decisions in less time … all inside simple software your team will love to use.

Recruit Candidates

It’s both seamless and simple to post to all of your job boards and your Career Portal at once, and for all your teammates to import new candidates into Breezy. So you can cast a wider net, and move on new candidates faster than ever.

Manage Candidates

Give your whole team a bird’s eye view of your candidate pipeline. Create different pipelines for different positions (and customize the stages in each pipeline, so they fit your business just right). Create powerful automations to help save yourself precious time.

Communicate and Schedule

Win back your day with automated candidate emails, scheduling, and interview management. Discover the mix of automation and customization that gives you time for real, quality conversations with candidates.

Analyze and Optimize

Understand where your best candidates are coming from. See how long it’s taking applicants to move through the pipeline, and where your sticking points are. Review or export straightforward dashboards.

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How it works.

This integration makes it easy to automatically or manually export candidates from Breezy and create them as employees in BambooHR.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field
Sync Direction
BreezyHR Field
Profile Photo
Profile Photo
Work Phone Number
Phone Number
First Name
First Name
Last Name
Last Name
Gender (EEO)
Gender (EEO)
Ethnicity (EEO)
Ethnicity (EEO)
Work Email Address
Email Address


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