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Criteria’s assessment platform, HireSelect, is a pre-employment testing platform that includes:

Some of the benefits you’ll experience from leveraging evidence-based assessments in your hiring process:

Aptitude Tests

Criteria’s cognitive aptitude assessments are by far the most predictive indicator of job success, providing a rapid and precise way to measure the abilities required to succeed in nearly every occupation. Use our aptitude tests to measure:

Personality Tests

Personality tests are a valuable tool for gaining insights into the interaction style, personality traits, and behavioral tendencies of individuals. They are designed to assess the aspects of a person’s personality that remain relatively stable throughout an individual’s lifetime. Properly designed personality tests are therefore meant to pinpoint permanent personality “traits” (for example, an individual’s level of extroversion) rather than temporary “states,” (for example, an individual’s current level of anger).

When given to prospective or current employees, personality tests are intended to assess job fit from a behavioral perspective. Does a candidate have behavioral traits that are statistically linked to success in this job? Is he/she likely to be happy or comfortable in this role? Research has also shown that personality tests can be especially useful in predicting job performance in those jobs that require frequent social interaction (with other employees, the public, or customers).

Emotional Intelligence Tests

Emotional intelligence is one of the most valued abilities in organizations today. Research has found strong correlations between EI and important organizational behaviors, including leadership, job performance, commitment, job attitudes, stress, well-being, and teamwork. As a result, organizations typically use emotional intelligence assessments for roles that involve heavy interaction with other people, including customer service, leadership, or roles that involve a lot of teamwork.

Skills Tests

Skills tests measure a candidate’s acquired skills that they can bring to the job on day one. Criteria offers a selection of skills tests that measure basic competencies, from computer skills to job readiness.


How it works.

  1. Contact your Criteria Corp CSM to enable the integration
  2. Add the following statuses in the Hiring Settings section of BambooHR: Criteria Assessment, Criteria Assessment Scheduled, Criteria Assessment Completed
  3. In HireSelect, go to the integrations settings section, enter your BambooHR subdomain and log into BambooHR when prompted
  4. Now you’re ready to start using the integration!

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field
Sync Direction
Criteria Corp Field
Applicant ID
Employee ID
This is the identifying field for the integration. The two systems Employee #/ID must match.
Applicant Status
Assessment Status
Three statuses must be setup in BambooHR: Criteria Assessment, Criteria Assessment Scheduled, & Criteria Assessment Completed
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