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Lattice is the People Success Platform that brings together all of the tools, workflows, and insights to help organizations develop engaged, high-performing employees and winning cultures. By combining continuous performance management, employee engagement surveys, compensation management, and career development tools into one connected solution, Lattice can deliver powerful people analytics used by HR and People teams to drive impactful business outcomes.

Performance Reviews

The easiest performance review cycle you’ll ever run. Lattice’s step by step process allows HR admins to launch 360, self and manager review cycles within a few minutes. Real-time feedback and employee goals are incorporated into the employee’s review to provide needed context and reduce recency bias.

Real-Time Feedback

Managers and peers are empowered to share feedback throughout the year — no more waiting for the annual review. The tool is integrated with Gmail, Outlook and Slack, so employees are able to share feedback in real-time without interrupting their workflow.

One-on-One Agendas and Updates

Elevate your managers by adding structure to weekly one-on-ones. Check-ins helps direct reports and managers collaborate on a weekly agenda for 1:1s, and also share status updates on any challenges faced during the week. The tool adds a much needed coaching mechanism at growing companies.

OKR / Goal Management

Set employee performance expectations by setting clear goals. The flexible system allows companies to use whatever goal approach they prefer including OKRs and SMART goals.

Compensation Management

Replace tedious manual processes with a streamlined solution. Create compensation guidelines using performance ratings, compensation ratios, and more – empowering clarity and consistency across the entire company.

Career Development (Grow)

An integrated employee development solution that helps companies make expectations crystal clear, turn managers into career coaches, and give employees agency over their growth.


Lattice Engagement is the first of its kind employee experience solution that helps companies identify what keeps employees engaged, connects performance metrics for rich insight, and guides you to the most impactful action you can take at your company.


Analytics that answer hard-to-quantify people questions so you can make strategic decisions that drive broad impact.


How it works.

Sync your team from BambooHR into Lattice, and automatically onboard and offboard employees. Keep user account details in sync with the BambooHR integration.

The integration will sync your team from BambooHR into Lattice, and automatically onboard and offboard employees. A simple way to keep user account details in sync with the BambooHR integration.

When you integrate BambooHR with Lattice, you can use the integration to:

For Compensation: Customers can now sync employee pay data directly from BambooHR to Lattice Compensation! This data will feed directly into the Employee pay table and will be used in tools like Compensation cycles. This feature is only available for Lattice Compensation customers at this time.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field
Sync Direction
Lattice Field
Full Name
Job Title
Reports To
Hire Date
Start Date
Work Email



Updated: 03/30/2023

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