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PerformYard is your complete employee performance toolkit. Build your vision of performance management with an easy-to-use system your people will love. Get streamlined performance reviews, check-ins, goal management, continuous feedback, and engagement surveys all in one place. With PerformYard your organization can continuously improve and develop a high-performance culture.

PerformYard’s performance management workflows, engagement tools, and data dashboards help you take the tactical actions necessary to get the best version of your people. The platform creates a natural feedback loop. Scientifically validated engagement surveys inform your strategy and the most flexible performance management platform on the market evolves as your strategy does. A highly engaged and productive workforce is a journey and PerformYard is here to guide you.


PerformYard’s performance management toolkit makes it easy to streamline the entire process, bringing review cycles, goals, feedback, and performance data analysis into one platform.


PerformYard Engagement allows you to fine-tune your organization with anonymous engagement surveys and visual data to build a strong culture of energized, productive employees.


PerformYard helps you build a unique performance feedback loop for your specific company culture with a rich feature set that can accommodate the needs of every kind of organization.


PerformYard makes life easy for HR, managers, and employees with a centralized platform for performance and feedback. Notifications and automation capture all your performance data in one platform with detailed reporting.


How it works.

When you integrate PerformYard with BambooHR:

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field
Sync Direction
PerformYard Field
First Name
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Last Name
Preferred Name
Job Title
Job Title
Reports To
Hire Date
Hire Date
Work Phone + Extension
Phone Number



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