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PerformYard is the #1 performance management solution for midsize organizations. We offer flexible features for HR and a simple employee experience. That means you can automate your existing process or the one you’re dreaming of, without compromise. Your managers and employees will thank you.

Performance Reviews

Make things easy for managers and employees with efficient and timely reviews. PerformYard facilitates any review process, across any frequency and with a multitude of customizable inputs.

Goal Management

Goals and objectives should be dynamic and update as business priorities change. In PerformYard, you will gain insight into goal progress, breaking them down into manageable parts that can be achieved and communicated to the rest of the organization.

Continuous Feedback

Effective performance management is much more than a completed review document; it’s a continuous dialogue designed to help employees succeed. PerformYard facilitates ongoing feedback to recognize achievement, document individual performance and keep track of important notes.


Every organization is unique, that is why we built one of the most flexible solutions in the industry. We embrace your requirements, so you can easily run your entire performance management vision in one place. Reviews, goals & feedback.


How it works.

When you integrate PerformYard with BambooHR:

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field
Sync Direction
PerformYard Field
First Name
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Last Name
Preferred Name
Job Title
Job Title
Reports To
Hire Date
Hire Date
Work Phone + Extension
Phone Number



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