Qualified offers developer-friendly coding skills assessments designed to predict on-the-job performance. While most coding assessments test only algorithmic skills, Qualified uses language-specific testing frameworks that more closely resemble actual programming in your company’s code base. Qualified integrates seamlessly with BambooHR to make it easy to connect a coding assessment to any job opening, better surfacing candidates with the real-world skills needed to deliver on the job.

Developer review tools

Automated assessments are only part of the hiring equation—Qualified provides a full suite of developer review tools to help you better understand how candidates think and solve problems. Easily turn any assessment into a pair programming session, watch recorded code playback, or use our reviews screen to leave feedback and comments on specific portions of code.

Developer friendly candidate experience

The developer experience and Qualified’s assessments have been informed by feedback from thousands of developers in the Codewars community. Developers can complete assessments in a customizable development environment (IDE) or use their own development environment altogether.

Custom assessments to test real-world skills

Create custom assessments and project challenges that replicate the experience of contributing to your company’s code base. Qualified uses language-specific testing frameworks rather than more generic STDIN/STDOUT tests, enabling your team to assess real-world skills beyond computer science problems or algorithmic skills.

Leverage for hiring or education

The Qualified platform is built around assessments rather than a specific use case—you can use Qualified both for recruiting and upskilling your own team. Easily send Qualified assessments to job candidates or anybody on your internal team as a professional development tool.

Demo of the Integration


How it works.

Qualified allows you to send developer assessment invitations to job applicants based on their status within BambooHR. You can then transition applicants to a new status when they start or complete an assessment or when they are approved or rejected in Qualified.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field
Sync Direction
Qualified Field
Applicant ID
Employee ID
Assessment Started
Assessment Submitted
Candidate Approved
Candidate Rejected
Job Opening



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