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For many companies, Slack is the collaboration hub that connects employees to the people and tools they work with every day. We are excited to announce that we have created our own BambooHR app for Slack. Now your employees can start using BambooHR’s most popular features such as planning time off and looking up co-workers without leaving Slack.

Lookup an Employee

Need to know the new team member’s email address? Or remember which department Sarah is in? Looking up employee information is easy – just ask the BambooHR app in Slack, “Who is Sarah?” and it will return all the information from the employee directory for Sarah.

Time Off Balances and Requests

Planning a trip? We have you covered. The BambooHR app for Slack will also calculate time off balances for future dates. Now that you’ve calculated your time off balance, you’re ready to submit your request. Through Slack you’ll be able to select the type of Time Off, see total amount of time used and easily submit new Time Off Request.

See Who’s Out

Have you ever had to contact a team member in a different department? If you have, you most likely have asked yourself ‘Are they working today?’. With BambooHR’s Slack integration you can now look up who’s out of office and even filter results by department, location, or division.

Manager and Approver Notifications

In addition to being able to use any of the available time off commands, managers and approvers will also receive notifications in Slack from the BambooHR app when there are new Time Off Requests or Timesheets that need approval.


In the BambooHR app in Slack, employees will be able to

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