Our revolutionary cloud-based time & attendance software can be integrated with most payroll systems and can be placed on almost any device. Mobile phones. The PC in your backroom. And because it lives in the cloud, stratustime® is always improving. With stratustime® web services, we offer an open API which allows external systems to connect seamlessly with the stratustime® SaaS engine. This integration allows automatic synchronization of employee data and export of timesheet data for payroll.

Reliable time & attendance solution

We’re constantly monitoring. Our network operations center is going 24/7. We monitor everything we can about the software itself. Every second of the day, we have teams of programmers on standby to answer questions and issue critical warnings that will alert our team of programmers, database professionals, and network engineers

Access: plays nice

Can be accessed through dozens of devices so that employees can clock-in or out via mobile devices, a PC or web kiosk, or by calling in.

Bringing you the right features

There are many benefits that come with choosing a modern, automated time & attendance system. Ideally, your time & attendance system will:

Keeping pace with state-by-state regulatory changes

We have a team of over 60 compliance professionals in our risk management department. Together, they monitor legal and regulatory changes at the federal, state and local levels, including significant court cases that might be particularly far-reaching and impactful to regulatory compliance. With a risk management department of this size, stratustime is uniquely positioned to support our customers.


How it works.

Employee Data

Employee data is automatically synchronized between BambooHR and stratustime® in the background, without requiring user intervention.

Hours Worked Data

Time Sheets are manually exported by the administrator, typically at the end of a pay period.

Available on Product Versions

BambooHR: Advantage, Professional, Grandfathered

stratustime®: 3.3.132 or higher

What data syncs?

Fields not mapped by default, but may be mapped to any field in stratustime:

ACA Status, Address 1, Address 2, Age, Best Email, Birthday, Bonus Amount, Bonus Comment, Bonus Date, Bonus Reason, City, Commission Date, Commission Amount, Commission Comment, Commission Date, Country, Date of Birth, Department, Display Name, Division, EEO, Employee Number, Employment History Status, Employment Status, Ethnicity, Exempt, FLSA Code, Full Name 1-5, Preferred Name, Gender, Hire Date, Home Email, Home Phone, Include In Payroll, Photo Uploaded, Job Title, Last Changed, Location, Marital Status, Middle Name, Mobile Phone, Work Phone and extension, Work Email, National ID, Nationality, Nickname, NIN, Original Hire Date, Paid Per, Pay Change Reason, Pay Frequency, Pay Group, Pay Group ID, Pay Per, Pay Period, Pay Rate, Pay Rate Effective Date, Pay Schedule, Pay Schedule ID, Pay Type, SIN, SSN, Standard Hours Per Week, State, State Code, Supervisor, Supervisor EID, Supervisor ID, Termination Date, Time Tracking Enabled, Zip code, Any custom field

BambooHR Field
Sync Direction
stratustime Fields
Field Logic or Notes
First Name
First Name
Required, but may be remapped to any available field.
Last Name
Last Name
Required, but may be remapped to any available field.
PTO Balances
PTO Balances
Required, but may be remapped to any available field.
This is the identifying field for the integration. The two systems Employee #/ID must match.
Hours Worked
Number of Hours Worked
Transferred by administrator.
Division ID
Worked Division
Transferred by administrator.
Department ID
Transferred by administrator.
Job Title ID
Job Title Information
Transferred by administrator.
Mapped by export matrix
Shift Differentials (if applicable)
Transferred by administrator.
Pay Rate
Pay Rate (Optional)
Transferred by administrator.



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