Billing Specialist Job Description Template

This billing specialist job description template includes the typical job functions, responsibilities, and requirements of a billing specialist position. With this information, you can start building a job ad to attract the best candidates. Rather than copying and pasting this template, however, you should work with your hiring managers to tailor the template to your organization’s needs.

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Billing Specialist Job Description

Work with your hiring managers to customize this job description according to your company’s vision for the position.

The billing specialist oversees the tasks of sending invoices to clients and monitoring outstanding balances to ensure each account is paid on time and in full. They help our organization keep track of how much money is owed and by whom, often managing numerous client accounts at once. The ideal candidate must have excellent accounting skills as well as deep organizational skills to accurately handle all of the incoming payments, outgoing invoices, database updates, and more that make up their day-to-day responsibilities. On top of this meticulous attention to detail, the billing specialist must also possess excellent communication skills to answer questions for clients, solve their issues, and keep them updated with relevant account information.

Billing Specialist Job Duties

Be sure to review these items and make any changes needed in order to match what a billing specialist will do in your company.

  • Send invoices and account updates to clients

  • Keep an accurate record of client accounts and outstanding balances

  • Receive, sort, and track incoming payments

  • Validate debit accounts to ensure the credibility of payments

  • Issue receipts for received payments

  • Address and solve client questions and issues

  • Securely handle client data and payment information

  • Provide regular, accurate reports of billing data

Job Requirements

Adjust these requirements to reflect the experience and skills your organization is seeking in a billing specialist candidate.

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance

  • 2+ years experience working in a billing specialist role

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Incredible attention to detail

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and ERP software