Job Description Template: Food Server

How to Use This Template: Expertly craft a post for the open Food Server position at your organization using this BambooHR job description template as a guide. Simply work with your hiring managers to customize each section to fit your company’s vision for this role.

Food Server Job Description

Full-Time/Part-Time | Location

$12.32/hour (Average base hourly rate for this role per Payscale)

Why [Company]?

Introduce your organization in 3–5 sentences. This is the perfect place to explain what you do and why your company is a great place to work! For example, here's our bio:

Our mission is simple: we want to set people free to do meaningful work. People love our software—and it turns out that people love working here, too. BambooHR has been recognized as a "Best Company to Work For," and we're proud of our team for creating software that makes an impact in the lives of HR pros and employees all over the world.

About Your Role

Give a general overview of what this person will do at your company. For example:

As our food server, you’ll play a vital role in providing our guests with exceptional dining experiences. You’ll prioritize customer satisfaction and keep the dining area operating smoothly by collaborating with kitchen staff and other team members. Together, you’ll deliver high-quality service that makes our customers feel welcome, comfortable, and eager to return.

What You’ll Do

List specific job responsibilities. For example:

  • Greet guests warmly.
  • Promote specials and recommend menu items.
  • Take accurate food and beverage orders.
  • Relay orders to the kitchen and ensure timely delivery.
  • Address any customer requests or concerns.
  • Maintain a clean and organized dining area, including setting and clearing tables.
  • Handle cash and electronic transactions accurately.
  • Participate in training sessions to stay informed about menu changes and company policies.

What You’ll Need to Get the Job Done

List what a qualified candidate needs to do the job effectively. For example:

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment—always with a smile
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Understanding of and adherence to food safety and hygiene practices
  • Basic math and cash-handling skills
  • Flexibility to work evenings, weekends, and holidays as needed

What Will Make Us Really Love You

List the soft skills or "nice-to-haves" that will help your candidate be successful. For example:

  • Experience as a successful food server
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to upsell menu offerings to enhance the dining experience
  • A friendly personality and an empathetic attitude toward guests and team members

What You’ll Love About Us

Describe your company's benefits, culture, work environment, and anything else that makes your organization stand out. For example:

Our company's mission and values are rooted in integrity and guide everything from how we serve our guests to how we interact as a team. As we've grown, our employees have remained at the heart of our success. To show our appreciation, we offer a generous compensation package that includes the following:

  • Healthcare: Group medical coverage
  • Time off: Paid sick and personal days
  • Discounts and complimentary meals: Generous discounts on menu items, and free meals during shifts
  • Transportation benefits: Reimbursement for transportation costs, assistance with parking fees, and bike storage areas
  • Employee recognition programs: Recognition, including bonuses, for outstanding performance
  • Employee referral programs: Incentives for referring new employees to our restaurant
  • Uniforms and cleaning services: Provided uniforms and help with laundering
  • Professional development: Job shadowing and job rotation programs

More About Our Company

Add your equal employment opportunity (EEO) statement, a note about required background checks, and other things a candidate may want to know before applying.

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