Logistics Coordinator Job Description Template

This logistics job description template includes the functions, responsibilities, and requirements of a typical logistics coordinator position. With this information, you can quickly build an attractive job ad for highly qualified applicants.

However, don’t simply copy and paste this template. Work with your hiring managers first and tailor it to fit what your organization specifically needs and requires.

If you want to dive deeper and learn more about how to use this template, review our template guide and the rules for writing a great job description.

Logistics Coordinator Job Description

Before using this job description, be sure to work with your hiring managers to customize it for the organization.

We are seeking a logistics coordinator who is responsible for overseeing and facilitating our entire supply chain operation (from acquisition to distribution) by coordinating the distribution of goods through personnel and processes. The ideal logistics coordinator will be adept at communication, negotiation, organization, and customer service skills. Our goal is to hire someone who ensures our operation is cost-effective and runs smoothly and efficiently while also increasing sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Logistics Coordinator Job Duties

Review these duties and make changes as necessary to meet your company’s vision for the position.

  • Visualize and facilitate logistics of the warehouse, transportation, and customer service
  • Communicate and negotiate with manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and retailers
  • Supervise and organize orders of raw materials and equipment
  • Coordinate and monitor operations of the supply chain
  • Optimize procedures with logistics IT
  • Track final product shipments, costs, and timelines according to requirements
  • Resolve shipment and inventory issues
  • Recruit, hire, train, and schedule logistics staff
  • Keep detailed, organized records of orders and stock
  • Prepare accurate reports according to the expectations of upper management
  • Analyze data, and suggest modifications and improvements accordingly
  • Adhere to all safety standards, regulations, laws, and policies

Job Requirements

Customize these candidate requirements to reflect your specific expectations of the education, experience, and skills that a logistics coordinator should have.

  • Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management preferred, but will also consider business administration or other relevant field
  • 2+ years of proven, successful experience as a logistics coordinator or supply chain manager preferred
  • Experience of logistics software (ERP)
  • Ability to multitask and track multiple processes throughout the supply chain
  • High level of analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Knowledge of safety standards, regulations, laws, and policies regarding logistics