Job Description Template: Construction Safety Manager

How to Use This Template: Use BambooHR's job description template to craft an expertly written post about our organization's open Construction Safety Manager position. Simply work with your hiring managers to customize each section to fit your company's vision for this role.

Construction Safety Manager Job Description

Full-Time | [Location]

$112,000–$175,000 (Suggested salary range for this role per Glassdoor)

Why [Company]?

Provide 3 to 5 sentences highlighting your organization and explaining why candidates should apply there.

Our core mission is creating better housing for families in our community. We work hard to build beautiful, safe houses and apartments that benefit the whole community and help people find their dream homes. People love working here, and we love helping our people grow and flourish in their careers.

About Your Role

Give a general overview of what this person will do at your company. For example:

As our construction safety manager, you'll ensure that all our worksites are safe places for our contractors. You'll assess potential risks and develop mitigation plans and safety protocols to minimize them so we complete our builds with safety at the forefront.

What You'll Do

List specific job responsibilities. For example:

  • Ensure every job site is in full compliance with all safety regulations.
  • Identify and assess risks on the job sites and develop safety protocols to mitigate them.
  • Hold regular safety training to ensure everyone is current on those safety protocols.
  • Conduct daily site safety inspections to check on tools, machinery, and other potential hazards.
  • Write and submit weekly safety reports to document hazards, updated safety plans, and any worker safety concerns.
  • Document and report when a safety incident happens and update risk mitigation plans to prevent similar incidents.

What You'll Need to Get the Job Done

List what a qualified candidate needs to do their job effectively. For example:

  • 4+ years of experience in the construction safety space
  • Deep knowledge of OSHA/EPA standards and local safety laws
  • CPR/first aid certified
  • Strong leadership skills and experience
  • Excellent judgment and a strict sense of ethics
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office

What Will Make Us Really Love You

List the soft skills or "nice-to-haves" that will help your candidate be successful. For example:

  • You have a positive, proactive attitude toward your work and larger career goals.
  • You're collaborative and team-oriented and want to help everyone here succeed.
  • Your skills in creative problem-solving and critical thinking stand out.
  • You pay close attention to the big picture and the minor details to ensure everyone on our sites is safe and healthy.
  • You have a bachelor's degree in Occupational Health and Safety or a related field.

What You'll Love About Us

Describe your company's benefits, culture, work environment, and anything else that makes your organization stand out. For example:

  • Great Company Culture: Multiple organizations have recognized us for our excellent workplace culture.
  • Make an Impact: Regardless of your position, we allow you to grow and create within the company.
  • Rest: Paid time off and paid holidays.
  • Health Benefits: Medical options include the Health Savings Account (HSA), the Flexible Spending Account (FSA), and dental and vision coverage.
  • Prepare for the Future: We complement the 401(k) plan with substantial contributions and legal and life insurance.
  • Educational Benefits: If you're pursuing higher education or are a former student, we can help cover expenses.

More About Our Company

Add your equal employment opportunity (EEO) statement, a note about required background checks, and other things a candidate may want to know before applying. For example:

All team members are required to undergo a background check and drug screen prior to their hire date.

[Company] is an equal opportunity employer.

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