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Become a part of our Customer Community and help us build the future of BambooHR®.

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What Is the BambooHR Customer Community?

It takes a community to build something great, and we need your help. We want to hear from you, so we can make our product the best it can be and help others free themselves to do great work. To do this, we’ve developed three customer community programs: the customer virtual user groups, the Champion program, and the Product Insider program.

Sign up now and we’ll send you a survey, so you can tell us which program or group you want to join and how you’d like to participate.

1. Customer Virtual User Groups

Want a chance to swap stories and insights directly with other BambooHR customers in a low-pressure, online setting? Sign up to join a virtual user group! These virtual groups will be made up of other BambooHR customers in your industry or area, ready and interested to share best practices about all things HR. Think of us as your matchmaker: we set up the group, time, and tech, and you bring all your experience and questions.

For those willing and able, we’d love to have you volunteer as a customer host to make everyone feel welcome during the group discussion. Not to worry—a member of the BambooHR leadership team will be there, too. We’ll send you a BambooHR thank you for your trouble!

2. The BambooHR Champion Program

We love to hear your experiences, and we want to share them with the world (or our corner of it, at least). As a BambooHR Champion, you get to share your best practices, hear from others, and tell your unique story to the BambooHR community. Your stories and experiences will help others on their journey to great work.

The BambooHR Product Insider Program
3. The BambooHR Product Insider Program

We always want to be sure we’re giving our customers tools that help them do great work, and joining forces with those on the frontlines is key to making that happen. As a BambooHR Product Insider, you get access to new BambooHR features before we release them to all customers and participate in product surveys or research. We use your feedback to make BambooHR even better.