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    Document Management

    Seamless Document Management

    Is a paper overload killing you? It’s time to use a paperless document management system that saves not only paper but space and time too. Smart HR software allows for easy online document management for all of your employees. Now, you won’t have to go dig through that endless row of file cabinets to find that one document you’re looking for. You’re a click away from exactly what you need.

    Digital document management systems like BambooHR let you store all your information in a safe, secure location, and you can control who has access to which documents.

    Electronic Document Management System

    Online Document Storage

    Upload company documents and we’ll keep them safe and secure. Your performance reviews, forms, applications, training documents, policies, and handbooks will be housed in a centralized location for easy, secure access. Custom permissions make it possible to share certain documents with employees while keeping others private.

    • Employee Directory

      Employee directories store all of your employees’ data in a secure location. You can decide which information employees can edit on their own and which information only you can change. Turn the tedious task of keeping information like employee addresses and phone numbers up to date into quick, simple processes.

    • Report Library

      There is no need to keep hard copies of those old reports. Report libraries keep all of the custom reports you create. That way you don’t have to recreate the same report every month. We’ve also uploaded commonly-used reports so you can hit the ground running. Job and salary history, age and gender, turnover rate, EEO-1, and PTO reports are now right at your fingertips.

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