Ability to Remove Standard Performance Questions

We’re excited to announce the latest update to Performance Management. This update will make the standard questions in Assessments optional.

Over the last few months, we’ve added some major enhancements to make Performance Management more adaptable to your needs. The standard questions provide companies with an out-of-the-box setup for their performance assessments. These questions are based on research from Deloitte and GE, and are designed to help reduce subjectivity and bias in assessments. While the standard questions fit most companies, some need additional flexibility to meet their existing performance programs.

Here’s how it works:

When you’re creating a review cycle, and you’re on the Assessment tab, you’ll see the standard questions. Next to the standard questions, a small question mark icon has been added.

When you click on this icon, it will display a modal explaining what reports these questions power and what the questions measure.

If you want to remove the standard questions, click the ‘X’ to the right of the standard question box. This will remove the questions from the Assessment.

You will then have a blank slate to add in your custom questions. There will need to be a minimum of 1 custom question for the manager and the employee to move forward.

We’re excited for you to start creating your own review cycles and tailoring your review process to your organization's needs. As always, we love your feedback! To provide product feedback on this feature and more, head to our product feedback page and let us know how we’re doing.