Benchmarking on Turnover

Understanding attrition is a crucial responsibility for the teams in your organization, but with so many factors at play in employee retention—and no yardstick to measure by—it can be hard to know what's considered normal, what's a troubling trend, or if there are larger market forces influencing your organization.

So, where can you find answers? BambooHR has you covered with Benchmarking on Turnover Reports!

Benchmarking on Turnover Reports allows you to compare your turnover data with anonymized data from companies in your industry to get answers, see trends, compare performance, and more!

Getting started is easy! Just navigate to the Turnover Report in BambooHR and click "Compare to Peer Companies" at the top of the report. You can filter by company size and industry to get the kind of data that helps you make better decisions about your organization's turnover trends.

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Happy Bambooing!