Custom Field Builder

You can now use a convenient custom field builder and previewer to create your own custom fields!

72% of our customers have at least one custom field, but often many more. Historically, these custom fields have been created in direct collaboration with our support team through email, phone, and/or support tickets. With this change, you can now create custom fields and place them on a tab of your choosing all by yourself, without reaching out to support!

Our new custom field builder allows you to easily create new fields by 1) naming the field, 2) choosing the field type (short answer, long answer, list: single answer, list: multiple answers), and 3) marking the field as either required or optional. As you build, a preview of your new custom field will appear on the right-hand side. Once your field is exactly how you want it, simply choose which tab and section it will appear under, and voilá!

You can access the new custom field builder in three different ways:

Note: You will not be able to duplicate fields, or fields that contain protected personal information (e.g. SSN).