Custom Overtime Rules & Overtime Rules for Canada

We are excited to announce two significant updates for Time Tracking customers that will make calculating overtime an even more automated, time-saving process!

1) Custom overtime time rules are now available

We know that different countries, industries, and companies have unique overtime rules and work schedules that require the ability to customize how to calculate pay for those hours worked. You will notice a new setting for Time Tracking that allows you to select custom overtime for all your employees. Configurations include:

2) Canadian overtime rules have been added to the Standard Overtime calculations

If you are a Canada-based company, or you have employees whose work location is Canada, calculating overtime just got a whole lot easier. BambooHR will now automatically calculate overtime for all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. You don’t have to lift a finger or pull out a calculator for your Canadian employees - this is enabled automatically.

Please note that if you choose the Custom Overtime setting, it will apply to ALL employees enabled in Time Tracking. Also, any changes to overtime settings will result in a recalculation of any timesheets currently open.