We’ve updated our custom reporting feature with dynamic date filters that make it easier to filter by date range!

You can now include data from a specific time frame such as ‘today,’ ‘next 7 days, ‘previous 30 days,’ etc. Custom reports will automatically update to reflect the selected time period, eliminating the need to update the report, as well as the need to add multiple date filters.

Previously, for example, in order to run a new hire report, report owners needed to add both an “is on or before” and “is on or after” filter (which were static, and tied to specific dates). For scheduled reports, report owners also needed to manually update these two date filters before the report was sent.

The addition of dynamic date filters eliminates the need to manually update date filters in this, and many other use cases.

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 2.50.40 PM

You can now apply the following date filters in custom reports:

  • is today

  • is a specific day

  • is before today

  • is before a specific day

  • is after today

  • is after a specific day

  • is during last/next [x] days

  • is during last/next [x] weeks

  • is during last/next [x] months

  • is during last/next [x] years

  • is during date range (calendar selector)

  • is blank/not blank


  1. A checkbox option will allow you to include or not include today in the above options.

  2. Existing date filters will migrate to the new filters automatically.