Employee Community

BambooHR Employee Community has arrived, and we’re excited to help you elevate your internal communication and bring your people together like never before!

Employee Community is your central hub for announcements, updates, interest groups, and celebrating achievements across your organization! The Employee Community helps you break down barriers and create company-wide alignment by strengthening connections and knowledge sharing among all employees, regardless if they are in a different office, working from home, or out in the field. By having the Employee Community inside your HRIS, you can consolidate your HR tools, providing employees with one-stop access for announcements, updates, shout-outs, time off requests, org chart viewing, and more.


Posts in Employee Community are much more than plain old text. When making a post you can embed videos, images, GIFs, emojis, as well as add attachments. You are even able to include polls questions in the message to get the feedback you need.

Not ready to publish quite yet? Your people also have the ability to schedule the post to send at a certain time in the future.

Posts in Employee Community aren't one-way communication. Employees can comment on posts with text, emojis, and even the perfect GIF!

If you need to highlight a particularly important post, mark it as an Announcement! By marking it as an Announcement, employees will receive an email notification and a banner will appear at the top of their Employee Community company newsfeed so they can’t miss it. You can also make a post a Confirmation Post, which requires employees to confirm that they have seen the post.


Need a place for communications and discussions that are more focused in nature? Employee Community has you covered with Groups!

Groups give employees a place to engage with each other about the latest sales numbers, converse with the other workers from their branch office, recognize the contributions of a co-worker, or even just talk with each other about shared interests or hobbies from their lives outside of work. Groups can be public, so anyone in the company can join, or private, so only a select cohort of employees can join. You can also make a group required for employees to join.


Employee Community gives you three types of feeds to keep up on what’s happening in your company.

Insights Dashboard

Employee Community also provides the Insights Dashboard, an exclusive analytics tool for admins to see a snapshot of engagement trends within the Employee Community. This is where you can check in on the vital statistics about your thriving community, including # of Posts, Post Views, Post Types, Active Members, Comments made, and more.

So, how do I get it?

Employee Community is available in the new BambooHR Pro Package. If you don’t have the Pro Package, click here to speak with a BambooHR representative. If you already have the Pro Package, just navigate to the Employee Community page and click “Let’s Get Started” to begin your journey towards better employee communication and engagement.

Once you’ve activated Employee Community in your BambooHR system, the basic Announcement feature will be replaced by the more full-featured Employee Community Announcements, but that doesn’t mean that your past announcement history will disappear, too! You can find past messages sent through the basic Announcement system right from your inbox in the BambooHR platform.

As always, we love your feedback! To provide product feedback on this feature and more, head over to our product feedback page and let us know how we’re doing. Happy Bambooing!