eNPS AI Topic Summaries

We’ve made a huge enhancement to our Employee Satisfaction survey tool that brings the power of AI to BambooHR. This will make eNPS surveys easier to analyze and more actionable for your company.

Now, our powerful AI engine instantly reviews all free responses, looks to identify commonalities between comments, and intelligently categorizes them into themes. This saves you from hours of painstaking work reviewing responses one by one and puts you in the driver's seat for recommending change and building a great place to work.

On your Employee Satisfaction report, you'll see three key sections—what employees like, what they don’t like, and their suggestions.

In each one of these sections, you'll see clusters of similar topics that are already attributed to either positive or negative sentiment regardless of the eNPS score they gave. These topic summaries are unique to your organization and change each survey period. AI is doing the work of assigning names to each topic using the text of the free response given.

Upon selecting a topic, you'll be presented with exact snippets provided by your employees, which were utilized by the AI to generate the content for that specific topic. You’ll also see what score they gave and if they are a promoter, detractor, or neutral. And if the snippet isn’t enough, you can simply click on the text and quickly see the full comment in its entirety.

The employee suggestions section is a brand new addition to the analysis. Our AI is trained to look for any suggestions that employees include in their responses. Sometimes your employees have the best ideas or know exactly what might be needed to help resolve a concern.

This section gives you a head start in determining ideas and initiatives to help improve your eNPS. With these summaries, you are listening to the voice of your employees and crowdsourcing their ideas.

The Survey Responses tab will be updated with AI-identified themes for Likes, Dislikes, and Employee Suggestions. This gives you another view if you prefer to spend some time still reviewing the free responses but would like to use the context provided by our AI.

In addition to these AI-generated themes, we have also added a new section to the report that analyzes scores across the company. You can now easily see and compare eNPS scores by Age, Department, Employment Status, Length of Service and Location. This becomes incredibly valuable to help you quickly identify what teams and company attributes are impacting your score either positively or negatively. You’ll love being able to simply screenshot this data and use it in your regular reports.