Goal Milestones & Cards

The world of goal-setting is changing, and we’re excited to announce some updates that enable you (and your employees) to set more specific, measurable, and achievable goals!

When creating or editing a goal, you will now see a new toggle to enable milestones, or subgoals, within a goal. These milestones allow you and your employees to break high-level goals and objectives (what you want to accomplish) into key, measurable results (how you will accomplish the goal).

Once milestones are enabled, you can add up to 10 milestones for each goal. The overall goal percentage will now move in proportion to milestone completion, and the completion bar will no longer be editable (unless the milestones are removed).

Milestones are available on the mobile app as well!

You’ll also notice that goals have moved from a list view to a card view, allowing more goals to be front-and-center when logging. Each card will show the objective, progress bar, due date, and who the goal has been shared with.

These new goals cards are interactive too! When you click on a card, it will expand to a full-screen view where you can see the creation and due dates, a short description, update the progress bar, attach files, and add comments.