Import, Export, and Draft Mode for Levels and Bands

We have added three exciting and helpful updates to the Levels and Bands feature in the Compensation section of Settings. You can now import and export levels and bands data, as well as save a draft as you work on adding levels and bands!

Import Levels and Bands data

If you have not yet entered any levels and bands data, you will have the option to import the data instead of entering it manually.

We provide a template that makes it super simple to get your data into the right place.

Export Levels and Bands data

Once you set up your levels and bands data, you will have the option to export the data as a CSV file. Selecting this option will download the CSV file directly onto your computer immediately.

Edit mode for Levels and Bands data

While you are entering your levels and bands data, you will see the Save & Finish Later option. If you click Save & Finish Later, the system will save a draft that you can return and edit and/or finish later.

As always, we love your feedback! To provide product feedback on this feature and more, head over to our product feedback page and let us know how we’re doing.