Increase To Custom Questions

We’re excited to announce a new enhancement to Performance Management. This new update will allow you to further customize your performance reviews to the needs of your organization.

Our goal has always been to provide efficient, meaningful reviews for you and your employees. Long, cumbersome reviews have historically been an issue with getting managers and employees to actually complete the interview. So, in the past, we’ve limited the number of custom questions to three. We believe that quality feedback is more valuable than poor feedback in large quantities.

Now, you can have up to 10 custom questions when conducting an Assessment. This allows you to ask more questions to get to the heart of how your employees are performing while keeping the focus on quality feedback.

Previously, you could only have up to 3 questions. Assessments can now have a total of 14 questions - 4 standard questions and 10 custom questions. We believe that this new enhancement will help you understand how your employees are performing across all areas of your organization.