Manage Employee Hours on the Payroll Tab

Previously, verifying and approving hours was independent of running payroll. We are excited to integrate this task directly into the payroll experience!

The new Timesheet tile shows you exactly how many timesheets have been approved or are awaiting approval. If you view the payroll run before the timesheet approval window, the tile will read: “0 Timesheets Approved”.

Clicking on the Timesheets tile will take you to the Timesheets page. Here, you can easily see all timesheets and hours details related to the payroll run.

Just like the People Being Paid and Extra Pay pages, the Timesheets tab is filterable by employee or hour type. Keep in mind, that you can view the timesheet page but can’t approve any timesheets before the approval window opens.

For more information about this update, check out this help guide!