Missing Tax ID Alerts & Emails

When a customer adds a new tax in BambooHR, they are required to provide a corresponding tax ID. To accommodate for government processing times, we allow customers to input the ID at a later date. We’ve recently seen a steady increase in the number of tax IDs that have never been added. This means that taxes are being filed late, resulting in late fees and additional manual processes.

If you have a missing tax ID, you will begin receiving alerts within BambooHR reminding you to submit the ID number. These alerts will be displayed in the Pay Info tab, as well as on the Payroll page under Settings. The alert will change depending on the number of days the tax has been missing a tax ID.

Alerts will appear for 97 days or until you input the appropriate ID number. Customers with tax accounts that are missing IDs for 97 days will have their payroll paused. An extension can be granted by an internal tax admin, allowing customers to run payroll until 127 days. If the customer has not submitted the missing ID number after the 127th day, payroll will automatically be blocked once again.

Notes: Customers with missing tax IDs will be fined $100 at the 60-day mark and an additional $100 every 30 days after. If a customer is missing an ID for multiple taxes within the same state, the client will only be charged a $100 fee for the state instead of a $100 fee for each missing tax within the same state. These are BambooHR fees and do not include fines applied by the state.