Mobile Onboarding Welcome Checklist and Login Updates

It just got a lot easier for your new employees to hit the ground running with the BambooHR mobile app!

When a new hire opens their welcome email to setup their BambooHR account, they’ll be linked directly to the mobile app when opening the email from a mobile device. They will then proceed to create their password, or set up their 2-step verification directly in the mobile app.

After creating their account, new hires will see an in-app notification to complete their very own Welcome Checklist! The Welcome Checklist allows new employees to add a photo to their profile, view and edit their personal information, get to know their coworkers, take a look at their pay schedule, company holidays, and more!

  1. After clicking ‘Get Started’ from the home screen, employees will first be directed to upload their photo and verify their personal information.
  2. Next, the employee will get to know everyone in their ‘My Circle’ filter, and their manager.
  3. Then they are taken through a quick view of their pay schedule and company holidays.
  4. Finally, they get a permission request to receive notifications for things like PTO requests and other important notifications.

We know that this update will make life easier on your end, while providing a warm get-to-know-you experience for your new hires!