New Hire “Get to Know You” Summary Email

Helping a new employee feel welcomed is so important in creating an enjoyable onboarding experience. The “Get to Know You” email is a fantastic way to introduce your new employees to the rest of the company and help them feel like they are immediately part of the family.

At companies who are experiencing rapid growth, existing employees can receive an overwhelming amount of “Get to Know You” emails, and as a result, these emails can be overlooked. In an effort to reduce the number of emails that employees receive, and to improve the engagement with each new hire’s introduction, a summary email will now be sent when an existing employee is expected to receive five or more “Get to Know You” emails on a given day.

After clicking on the “Meet the Group” button in this summary email you’ll be taken to a dedicated page where you can learn more about each new employee.

You can still filter who in the company receives a new hire’s “Get to Know You” email. The filter options are employment status, department, location, and/or division.

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