Payroll History

Get ready to have all your historical payroll data at your fingertips with the new Payroll History update. With this experience, you can now view past approved payrolls, including their reminders, payroll reports, the Approved payroll page, and more. Check it out!

Upon clicking the left arrow on the Payroll Tab Carousel, a new button will display. Click View Payroll History to access the Payroll History page. Please keep in mind that custom access payroll users must have access to view Payroll Reports in order for this button to appear.

Payroll History Page

The Payroll History page will display the past payrolls for the current year for the EIN selected on the Payroll tab. You can search payrolls by pay cycle ID and reminders, filter the page to show payrolls based on pay schedule name and type (off-cycle or scheduled), and change the year of the payrolls you want to view.

Upon clicking on a payroll, the row expands and the following information is available:

Data Export

What’s more important than being able to view the data? We like to think it’s being able to export and download the data so that you can analyze it in a way that supports your business. The Payroll History page and the data within it is downloadable as an Excel or CSV via the Export button. The downloaded file will be named “Payroll History [20XX]” and include the following fields:

We believe these enhancements will help facilitate your post-payroll processes and allow you to seamlessly audit your historical payroll data. As always, we value your feedback and are committed to providing the best possible payroll experience. If you are looking for more information regarding this update, make sure to check out the BambooHR Help Center.