Payroll Reporting in BambooHR

We are excited to announce that payroll reporting is now conveniently located right on the BambooHR Reports tab, allowing you to generate payroll reports seamlessly, alongside the rest of your HR reporting.

  1. Payroll Reports Section: Under the Reports tab, you will find a new section labeled "Payroll Reports". This dedicated section will house all relevant payroll reports, making it easier than ever to access and manage your payroll data.

  1. Pay Date and Date Range Tabs: Within the "Payroll Reports" section, you will discover two tabs: Pay Date and Date Range. These tabs provide you with the flexibility to select the desired payroll period effortlessly. Additionally, by using the filtering dropdown you can easily drill down by location, employment status, department, or division.
    1. Pay Date Tab: The Pay Date Tab will automatically display your company's most recent payroll (by pay date, paid or pending). To choose a different payroll, simply open the Pay Date dropdown and make your selection.
    2. Date Range Tab: The Date Range Tab empowers you to generate a report with data across multiple payrolls for a given date range. You can easily modify the dates by selecting a new date in the calendar picker or by typing a date.
  2. Generating Reports: To generate a report, simply hover over the report's row and click on the download button If a report is available in both Excel and PDF formats, you will be prompted to select your preferred file type.

  1. Payroll Register Report: now only includes employees paid in the payroll, rather than all employees paid in that pay schedule year to date.
  2. Independent Payroll Reports section: The reports moved into BambooHR will have their own dedicated section called "Payroll Reports." This section will operate independently from other reports, and features like favorites, recents, and folders.
  3. TRAXPayroll reporting access: You'll continue to have access to payroll reporting in TRAXPayroll. We're actively working on migrating Paystubs, Tax Reports, and the Custom Report Writer functionalities into BambooHR before turning off the Reports Tab UI in TRAXPayroll.

If you want a more detailed view of everything changing within payroll reporting please take a look at the BambooHR Help Center

As always, we love your feedback! To provide product feedback on this feature and more, head over to our product feedback page and let us know how we’re doing.