Payroll Review Page Updates

We're excited to introduce the latest update to the run payroll experience designed to streamline the payroll review and approval process right in BambooHR. We’ve made changes to the Edit and Review page in BambooHR® Payroll to make payroll review and approval more efficient and convenient.

Review Page
Under the "Payroll Details" section on the Review Step, we've added dedicated tabs for displaying data related to deductions, taxes, hours, and extra pay. These tabs are organized to allow you to conveniently access and review specific payroll components, display active employees in the payroll, and sort by specific employee saving you valuable time before approving payrolls.

The taxes section has information on all taxes for active employees in the payroll, like tax type and total amount. Expands each category to show active employees within each tax type for easy access to essential tax information.

Category rows display deduction types, including total employee contribution, employee YTD contribution, company contribution, and company YTD contribution. Clicking on a category row expands the table to show active employees with that deduction type. Employee rows display individual employee details, including contributions and YTD amounts. YTD amounts only include active employees in the payroll. The deductions tab provides access to essential deduction information.

The Hours tab displays all hours worked by active employees in the payroll. Category rows display hour types, total hours worked, rates, and wage amounts. Clicking on a category row expands the table to show active employees with that hour type providing access to essential hours information.

Category rows display extra pay types, payment amounts, and YTD amounts.

Similar to deductions, clicking on a category row expands the table to show active employees with that extra pay type. The Extra Pay tab eliminates the need for you to open the Extra Pay, Payroll Summary, and Payroll Register reports to access essential deduction information.

Easily review payroll fees, collections, and adjustments applied to the current payroll. Within payroll costs you’ll see the name, quantity, rate and total amount of the fee, adjustment, or collection and export the data for further analysis.

Filtering Capabilities
We understand the importance of efficiently sorting through data. To support you in this regard, we've incorporated filtering options that enable you to narrow down information based on various criteria such as department, division, location, job title, employment status, tax type, pay type, and overtime status on both the edit and review pages.

Data Export
We're excited to announce that in the coming weeks we'll be introducing the ability to export the data displayed on the Review Page. You'll be able to choose to export the data in Excel or CSV format, ensuring that you have the flexibility to work with the data as needed. We’ll keep you posted when this feature becomes available.

We believe these enhancements will significantly improve your payroll review process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. As always, we value your feedback and are committed to providing the best possible payroll experience. If you are looking for more information regarding this update, make sure to check out the BambooHR Help Center.