Recurring Extra Pay Wizard

You can now review, edit, and remove employees with recurring extra pay as well as bulk-add for a group of employees in 3 simple steps with the Extra Pay Wizard.

If you already have recurring extra pay set up, it will show up within the Extra Pay tab in the payroll section of settings grouped by the extra pay type name. Clicking on the people count hyperlink within this page will automatically transition to a page listing individual employees with their respective recurring extra pay details. Here you can make edits to the amount of extra pay for each employee or remove them from receiving the extra pay. If you don't have any recurring extra pay set up, this page will be blank.

You can access the option to bulk-add by clicking the Add Recuring Extra Pay button under the new Extra Pay option in the payroll section in Settings. Utilizing this new recurring extra pay bulk-add wizard is a simple 3-step process.
Step 1 Extra Pay Details: Under the new Extra Pay option in the Payroll section in Settings, you’ll select pay type, amount, effective date and how often employees receive the recurring extra pay.

Step 2 Add Employees: You’ll then be taken to a list of available employees. By sorting on department, division, location, job title, or employment status you can easily add multiple employees at once or select just certain individuals.

Step 3 Customize & Confirm: Along the top you will see the extra pay details and a list of all employees included in the extra pay type along with the amount you selected. Easily review, edit the amount for certain individuals, or even remove them from receiving the extra pay if you added them in error.

If you have multiple payroll accounts (EINs) you'll be able to select the account name and ID to view each recurring extra pay wizard.

This update will greatly enhance the management of recurring extra pay for you. It provides a user-friendly interface, improved functionality, and the ability to make bulk changes efficiently. We're confident that this feature will help streamline your payroll processes and save valuable time. If you are looking for more information regarding this update, make sure to check out the BambooHR Help Center.