Self-Serve Package Upgrades

You can now upgrade the package you are on through a self-serve process!

There are a few scenarios in which you will now be able to use our self-serve option to upgrade your subscription: Upgrading from Core to Pro, Advantage to Pro, and Essentials to Core or Pro.

There are also a few limitations:

  1. You are in a grace period (have a past due invoice), until that is paid.
  2. You are using wire transfer or check as your primary payment method.
  3. Your account has the Payroll, Ben Admin, or Time Tracking add-ons.
  4. You are currently in Implementation.
  5. You want to upgrade to Core and have Essentials with the Performance Management add-on on your account. In this case, however, you WOULD be able to upgrade to Pro as you will not lose Performance Management in the process.

The self-serve option can be accessed through Settings > Account Info. You can either click Learn More on your Account Info page, or select Manage Subscription then Upgrade to [next step up here]. From there you will see an estimated pricing page, and be able to confirm the upgrade.