Surfacing Data Errors and Issues in BambooHR

We know that working in multiple systems for Payroll can be a pain! We are excited to announce our newest product initiative that consists of approximately 11 phases. In the coming months, you will see data errors and issues that once popped up in TRAXPayroll start surfacing in BambooHR. So, you’ll spot errors sooner and be able to fix them before you run payroll.

Below is a snapshot of what those errors will look like as they surface in BambooHR.

How Errors Will Appear on the Payroll Tab:

Account owners and admins will see these errors on the Payroll Tab prior to running payroll. You will notice errors will be broken out into two types: company and employee.

1. Company

2. Employee

Resolving Payroll Errors:

Resolving these errors is straightforward and easy to navigate! Each error banner will have a button the user can click on to resolve the error.

1. Company: For company errors, there will be a Fix Now button in the banner. Clicking on that button directs the user to the exact area in the system that needs to be addressed.

2. Employee: For individual employee errors, there will be a Fix Now button in the banner. Clicking on that button opens a Missing Payroll Info modal that has all missing or invalid fields that need to be addressed for that employee.

3. All fields that appear in the modal, with the exception of a few tax-related fields, are required and must be completed in its entirety in order to successfully save the changes.

4. Multiple Employee Errors: For multiple employee errors, there will be a View Issues button in the banner. Clicking on that button opens the Employee Payroll Errors page.

Our first release will be surfacing your key company errors. In your Payroll Tab, before you run payroll, errors such as missing addresses, job locations, company bank information, overlapping records etc. will appear and will need your attention to resolve. Once resolved you will be able to run payroll.

While we will not announce each release, below is a snapshot of the different releases that will appear in your Payroll Tab in the coming months.

Errors Surfaced in BambooHR in the coming months.

  1. Company Errors
  2. Taxes High Priority
  3. EE Record High Priority
  4. Direct Deposit High Priority
  5. Deduction High Priority
  6. Company Demographic High Priority
  7. EE Record 2.0
  8. Deduction 2.0
  9. Company Demographic 2.0
  10. Time Off 2.0