Time Off & Time Tracking Report Updates

We have updated a few reports for Time Off and Time Tracking. Same great data with a few format changes. Below you will find which reports have been updated and an overview of what’s been changed.


  • Time Off Used Report

  • Time Off Balances Report

  • Time Off Schedule Report

Time Tracking

  • Approved Hours Report

  • Payroll Hours Report

What's new or changing? 

  • All Time Off and Time Tracking reports now display name in Last Name, First Name or Last Name, Preferred Name format

  • The employee number has been removed from the report view but will show as the first column in all exported files

  • Updated heading names provide more clarity 

Why make these changes? 

  • Uniform look 

    • The reports now provide a more simplified view and add more valuable information in the exported files

  • Increase efficiency for running Payroll

    • Time off and time tracking reports are often used for payroll purposes which typically organizes employees by Last Name, First Name so these changes will make it easier to merge and compare data for payroll.