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Product Update Video Archive

Welcome to the back catalog of BambooHR product update videos! Here’s where you’ll find all the latest and greatest improvements to BambooHR, encapsulated in brief, binge-worthy video shorts. It’s like the back room of an old video rental store, only a whole lot more wholesome.

May 2022

What’s new in BambooHR? Check out the latest Product Pulse to get up to speed on all the latest updates: even more capability for Goals in Performance Management, plus more detailed search in the ATS to help you find candidates and categorize talent into Talent Pools even faster. Zowie!

April 2022

What’s new in BambooHR? Watch the latest Product Pulse episode to get up to speed on BambooHR Mobile’s fresh new look and layout, the expanded capabilities we’ve added to Goals in Performance Management, and a new feature to help you take employee engagement to the next level—Employee Wellbeing.

March 2022

Product Pulse is back for more! Watch the latest episode to find out why you'll be spending a lot less time hunting down paperwork, and learn how your feedback directly influenced our use of the word "terminate." Plus, learn about customizable hours for salaried employees and gain insights into the future of payroll in BambooHR.

February 2022

2022 is here and with it comes a brand new product update video series! In this inaugural episode of Product Pulse, learn about Performance Management's increased flexibility, the new COVID-19 tab, and paperless tax documents. Plus, get details on a two-week Time Tracking trial and our new product updates page.

December 2021

Here's to 2021! Learn about some of our favorite updates from the past year, like candidate talent pools, a new integration with Slack, geolocation for Time Tracking, a new payroll homebase in BambooHR and more!

November 2021

Creating new benefit plans and adding employees to them just got a whole lot simpler! And with new flexible holiday hours and faster access to important information, this month is all about making things simpler and easier.