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Product Update Video Archive

Welcome to the back catalog of BambooHR product update videos! Here’s where you’ll find all the latest and greatest improvements to BambooHR, encapsulated in brief, binge-worthy video shorts. It’s like the back room of an old video rental store, only a whole lot more wholesome.

January 2023

Quick! Which product update from 2022 most impacted you? Looking back on everything you accomplished using BambooHR last year, it might be hard to pick just one. It’s likely that some of them have become so essential that you forgot they were an update in the first place! To refresh your memory, we review some of the major updates from the past year and share some insightful stats that show just how much you are using them.

November 2022

Watch the latest Product Pulse episode to learn about new dynamic date filters in custom reports, additional filters in your ATS that will make it easier for you to find and recall candidates, and exciting Payroll updates that are guaranteed to greatly enhance your experience.

October 2022

Everybody could use a little more flexibility—and that’s the subject of this month’s Product Pulse. We have several new updates to explore, including Multiple Review Cycles in Performance Management, an improved Candidate Sources Report, and Scheduled Emails to Candidates. Each of these updates helps growing companies find the best way to use BambooHR to enhance their people’s performances.

September 2022

What’s new in BambooHR? Watch the latest Product Pulse episode to get up to speed on more goodness added to the BambooHR Mobile app, updates that will help you catch potential payroll errors, and an e-signature enhancement that will help streamline the signing and organizing of documents.

June 2022

It’s often the small points of friction that add up to hours of wasted time. This month’s Product Pulse shows how BambooHR is steadily removing delays both large and small. These updates include Employee List filtering, a consolidated view of payroll deductions, and revamped processes for logging into and navigating the BambooHR Mobile app.

May 2022

What’s new in BambooHR? Check out the latest Product Pulse to get up to speed on all the latest updates: even more capability for Goals in Performance Management, plus more detailed search in the ATS to help you find candidates and categorize talent into Talent Pools even faster. Zowie!