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    Welcome to BambooHR Professional

    Let us handle the operational stuff. You have more strategic things to do.

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    Get more with BambooHR Professional

    We developed BambooHR Professional to do more than automate operational HR tasks. With Professional, you get the tools you need to maximize the business value of your HR efforts.

    BambooHR doesn’t just set you free to do great work—it creates a greater impact from the work you do.


    What’s New in BambooHR Professional


    Onboarding with New Hire Packets and Employee Self-Onboarding

    You’re not hiring people just to watch them leave. And yet, thirty-one percent of new hires quit within their first six months. For hourly employees, that number jumps to fifty percent. Since replacing an employee can cost anywhere from one-and-a-half to three times an employee’s annual salary, the value of effective onboarding is undeniable.

    Onboarding in BambooHR Professional includes new hire packets and employee self-onboarding, two tools that free you from the transactional aspect of onboarding so you can focus on creating a great experience for new employees.

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    By 2020, fifty percent of the workforce will be millennials—young, progressive, holistic thinkers who believe in resource scarcity and protecting the environment, and who believe businesses play a major role in addressing those challenges.

    E-Signatures in BambooHR Professional don’t just remove the hassle of collecting signatures by hand—they help build your image as a conscious employer, by eliminating paperwork and making you more green. They also showcase your tech-savviness, and that makes you look good in this digital age.

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    Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

    Within ten years, nearly half of the current workforce will be eligible for retirement. As this void of experience fills in with younger, less-experienced workers, you’ll find yourself in fierce competition for talented candidates. When that time comes, you’ll need every advantage if you hope to grow.

    BambooHR Professional’s Applicant Tracking System gives you that advantage by helping you organize and track your hiring process. Online recruiting has been proven to cut cycle times by twenty-five percent and to lower recruitment costs by $8000 per year. Our ATS also makes it easy to spread your net wider, catch more candidates, and select better talent for your team.

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    Custom Workflows

    Bottlenecks: nobody likes them, and no one wants to be one. They clog up approval processes, and that can prevent you from making big decisions quickly. Removing bottlenecks is a critical step to becoming more strategic, more agile, and more efficient.

    BambooHR Professional lets you create unlimited online custom workflows, which become incredibly useful as your company grows. Whether selecting from one of four new prebuilt workflows or creating custom workflows of your own, you’ll streamline processes, spread your workload more effectively, and eliminate bottlenecks to become more strategic.

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    Performance Management (an optional add-on to BambooHR Professional)

    Traditional performance reviews are broken. The annual ritual despised by managers and dreaded by employees has gotten so bad, only 6% of companies actually feel reviewing performance is worth their time. But when they’re done right, performance reviews are invaluable.

    We’ve made it our mission to fix performance management, by eliminating the huge time commitments, vague results, and long intervals that make reviews ineffective. We added meaningful feedback and better ways to measure performance and engagement. The result? Innovative, effective, and even—just maybe—enjoyable employee performance management.

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    As a valued current customer, you don’t have to change. We’ll continue to support both your price and platform, and you’ll continue to enjoy updates to the features you already have.

    Your time is valuable.

    Thanks for spending some of it with us.

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