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The Business of Employee Satisfaction

Your Secret to Driving Value into the Organization


With all that HR has to do, there’s something that too often escapes our focus—and it’s the one thing that perhaps most deserves it: employee satisfaction. After all, businesses don’t create value, people do. Measuring and managing the satisfaction of your people should be something you’re an expert at doing.

Course author Rusty Lindquist
Rusty Lindquist

Rusty Lindquist is an industry-renowned thought leader and speaker. He focuses on helping organizations fuel great work by creating great places to work.

Rusty is passionate about helping people and organizations alike take control of their future by escaping the gravitational pull of their past. He believes that people and organizations are capable of greatness, but are sometimes held back. His mission is to set them free to do great work by helping them understand the principles that power performance, engagement, and success.

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