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Best Practices for Managing Remote Workers

Best Practices for Managing Remote Workers

You know that cousin you haven’t spoken to in years? It’s not because you don’t like her—you just moved away from each other and lost touch. A month without contact turns into six months, then a year, and soon you realize you have no clue what she’s been up to. Fortunately, no matter how long between phone calls or family reunions, your cousin will always be your cousin.

The same can’t be said for remote workers. When best practices break down at your organization, instead of taking years to drift apart, it may only take a few days for remote employees to feel neglected and disengaged.

This eBook will go over best practices for how to manage remote workers by discussing:

  • Developing a personal connection
  • Team collaboration
  • Keeping remote workers in the loop
  • Reminding remote workers how they fit in
  • Providing a way to quickly find information
  • Tools and strategies you and your remote workers can use

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